You can now access IBM Digital-Nation Africa training through the CoLab!

What is IBM Digital - Nation? The IBM Digital – Nation is a free self-paced learning and enablement platform. The platform will empower African youth with digital skills and tools to help improve their day to day life, allowing them access to a wider range of opportunities.

IBM Digital - Nation is designed for African citizens, students, entrepreneurs, and communities providing both knowledge and tools to innovate, design, develop, and launch their own digital solutions.

As a cloud-based structured learning, enablement and achievement recognition platform, users will learn about emerging technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Data Science & Analytics, and Security. Moreover, the user will have access to IBM Cloud & AI Platform where they can build their solutions online.

Whether you are new to the digital world, or a start-up /entrepreneur, student, recent graduate or a professional, IBM Digital – Nation has something for everyone:

The Explorer Journey provides users with a series of short videos that are quick to learn, introducing the key emerging technologies and including examples of how the technology is being used. For those who wish to discover more, there are additional resources both within IBM Digital - Nation and other IBM web sites.

The Innovator Journey allows users to create their own digital solution. It starts with inspiring them by showcasing many examples of innovative digital solutions, followed by providing an introduction to the design thinking methodology, and more importantly providing access to the IBM Cloud Lite account where the users can build their own solution.

The New Collar Journey is designed to offer users, the ability to gain key digital skills which are in high demand in the workplace such as Web Application development, Cloud, AI and Blockchain development.

Unique to the platform is the use of IBM Watson, that helps create the users’ skill profile, and connects them to a broad range of online recruitment sites within the country/continent. This will provide users with a list of currently available jobs in one place and filter them relevant to their skills.

The courses consist of multimedia content, and many include hands-on labs enabling users to experience the technology.

All courses include the opportunity for the user to take a quiz and gain an IBM Digital Badge upon successful completion of the course and passing the quiz.

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Registration & Sign in guide (6April20)
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Registration & Sign in guide (6April20)
Download • 13.49MB

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