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Enabling inclusive digital futures in South Africa

We are research-driven and passion-led to have meaningful impact in addressing the challenges of digital inclusion in South Africa

We firmly believe in Balancing Global Competitiveness & Empowering of Local Communities to ensure fair and equitable digital inclusion

Since 2012 we have been actively partnering with academia, industry, government & civil society to develop and refine research-based interventions to create more inclusive digital futures for all

Since 2019, together with our network partners, we trained more than 10 000 citizens and hundreds of businesses in various technical and non-technical skills to make them more empowered & competitive in the digital economy of today and tomorrow

Research Focus

Our research focuses on the intersection of Human, Society, Technology & the Digital Economy.


What we do

Within the context of the broader digital inclusion challenges facing South Africa, we are currently specifically focusing on the following:

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