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Cora van Leeuven

Joint PhD Student (UWC/VUB)

Cora van Leeuwen holds a MA in English Language and Culture at the VU Amsterdam (thesis on the intersection of feminism, racism and post-colonialism) and a MSc in Communication Studies at the VUB (thesis on ageism in videos for fall prevention in Flemish and Dutch media). In 2018 she joined SMIT as part of the Health&Work Unit to work on the H2020 project ProACT.

This research concerned the technology acceptance of an app for the management of multimorbidities by older adults. She joined the Kenniscentrum Data & Maatschappij in 2020. In October 2020 she joined the Digital Inclusion and Citizen Engagement to work on her PhD research. 

The PhD is part of the SBO Digital Ageing and investigates the impact of age discrimination, or ageism, on the acceptance of technology and the digital skill acquirement of older adults.

Cora van Leeuven
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