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Dr Carlynn Keating

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Carlynn Keating is a post-doctoral researcher at the Western Cape CoLab for e-Inclusion and Social innovation. Her diverse academic background includes a BA Honours (Psychology), MPhil Population Studies and an MCom Information Management.

She joined the CoLab as a research intern in 2015 while completing a doctoral degree jointly awarded by UWC (Information Systems) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Communication and Media Studies). Her research has primarily centred on digital inequalities, with a particular focus on intersections between gender and ICT. Her work at the CoLab includes monitoring and evaluating digital inclusion interventions and education in the digital transformation domain.

Carlynn’s academic background provides an inkling into her key interests, which are firmly rooted in social development issues with a clear focus on people rather than the technology. She has found this focus to be well aligned with the overarching vision and mission of the CoLab, which actively strives to achieve a real impact in uplifting citizens and communities.

Dr Carlynn Keating
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