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Sive Mange

Joint PhD Student (UWC/VUB)

Sive Mange is a joint PhD researcher with the University of the Western Cape and Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His research focus is exploring the role of private industry to promote digital inclusion. In particular, his work is to gain insights in the digital inclusion of employees and customers by business firms in the continuously changing business environment.

Digital transformation has played an undeniable role in shifting the way businesses operate and the impact of this shift needs to be understood. Coming from a country where inequality and exclusion are highly visible, Sive strives to pursue the idea of leaving no one behind in the constantly changing global village as a result of technological developments.

Sive has an interdisciplinary background, having graduated for a bachelor of language and communication studies and psychology in the university of the western cape. Also, graduated with a master’s degree in management, where he used poetry as a tool of teaching and learning for financial literacy education. As a result of his background, he now considers himself as an honorary professor in the art of being student with more than 20 years of experience. Collaborations are welcomed, drop an email and let us do our part in being of service to others.

Sive Mange
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