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May 28, 2023

The National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa - NEMISA came into being as an institution of education and learning, specializing in teaching the production and technical skills applicable to the TV, radio and broadcasting industries. Formed as part of a government initiative in 1998, its fundamental purpose was to train previously disadvantaged individuals, particularly women, and equip them with the skills necessary to play significant roles in the broadcasting environment. 


NEMISA is currently in the process of becoming the Ikamva National e-Skills Institute (iNeSI).  This is an integration of three entities, NEMISA, e-Skills Institute and the Institute for Satellite and Software Applications (ISSA).


The focus of the new entity is on developing e-skills capacity in South Africa by creating partnership framework that guides e-skills initiatives.  NEMISA/iNeSI is part of the solution to ensure that South Africans have the necessary ICT skills (e-skills/digital skills)

The institute works on on a national, provincial and local level.  Head Office being in Parktown, coordinates nationally and our Colabs focus on e-skilling on a provincial level.

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