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S-Direct Seminar March 2017 (Cape Town)

For quite some time the dominant discourse related to internet, broadband and ICTs focused on the provision and facilitation of access and necessary skills for utilisation. However, it becomes necessary to shift the conversation to focus on “beyond access”, to explore skills and capability development for outcome, benefit and impact.

Given the many e-skills development initiatives within the Province (e.g. Cape Access, Smart Cape, I-CAN etc.) as well as the various provincial and international partnership in support of these initiatives, we as a collective are in a unique position to unpack the “beyond access” discourse.

The purpose of the 2nd S-DIRECT seminar is to discuss and reflect on the outcomes and benefits of interventions and initiatives. The focus will be on tangible and intangible outcomes, difficulties, theoretical, practical and/or ethical considerations as well as unintended outcomes.

S-DIRECT is the acronym for Social Digital Innovation Research to Empower Communities in Transition.

With this as background, the theme for the 2017 seminar was:

Digital skills, innovation and capability development:

Reflecting on outcome, impact and progress

The program was as follows:

Here are some key presentations that were shared during the seminar:

Hilton Arendse:

Dr Marien:

Dr Muzabila; Prof Stroeken & Dr Verdoolaege:

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