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Dominique Goch

Office Manager

Dominique is passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. Her commitment to supporting young students and their development is evident from her respective roles as a tutor during her Honours year (2017) and interning at the UWC Office for Student Development in 2018. She joined the CoLab as a Learning and Development Assistant in 2019.

Aside from assisting the CoLab to contribute to the competitive landscape of South Africa within the digital economy, she finds great meaning in working on a project mandated to improve the lives of others by means of upskilling. The most notable impact of life she has witnessed thus far has been recruiting a young man working at a fast food restaurant who later graduated with a distinction in Software Development.

Dominique plays an anchor role for the CoLab, working across all projects, her role includes the coordination of training interventions, reporting, financial administration, engagement with internal and external stakeholders and being a "right hand" to Dr Craffert. Dominique takes pride in her work and always goes above and beyond the call of duty, always using her initiative. She is very detailed orientated, gregarious and is always the go to person for each team member.

Dominique has a BA in Industrial Psychology, Linguistics and Sociology (awarded summa cum laude), and Honours in Industrial Psychology, both from UWC.

Dominique Goch
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